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The cemetery is open to the public daily (including weekends) 7.30am - 6.30pm.

A History of the Church

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photos: courtesy Prospect Heritage Trust

St Bartholomew's Church and Cemetery is one of the most historical sites in the Blacktown local government area, and one of the few visible reminders of the former Prospect Village.

Built in 1841, St Bartholomew's was the result of the efforts of explorer William Lawson who crossed the Blue Mountains with Gregory Blaxland and William Wentworth in 1813. Lawson whose home Veteran Hall was located at what is now Prospect Reservoir and his decendants are buried at St Bartholomew's along with many other important local families.

The Church served the community until it closed on New Years Eve, 1967, after a second attack of vandalism. On 4 November 1989 fire gutted the Church, destroying the 1850s organ and the 1908 furniture. Restoration work costing $1,374,000 began in 2000, with funding provided by Blacktown City Council and the NSW and Federal Government. Graham Edds and Associates, Heritage Architects, supervised the work. In January 2001 Blacktown City Council finalised the purchase of the property from the Anglican Church Property Trust. The building is now available for hire for civil wedding services, concerts, exhibitions or any other event that Council considers appropriate.

Today St Bartholomew's stands on it's hill at Prospect, a quiet oasis in the middle of the sea of development. It is a testament to the pioneering families of the locality, and later individuals and organisations who recognise the importance of preserving this iconic site.

Heritage Significance

In December 1948, The National Trust of Australia (NSW) included St Bartholomew's, Prospect, on the Trust's first list of buildings considered essential to our Heritage.

In 1973, it was classifed Potential "A", amongst the top 70 buildings in NSW.

In the 1970s, it was listed in "The Register of the National Estate".

On 19 February, 1982, Permanent Conservation Order No 37 was placed on St Bartholomew's on recommendation of The Heritage Council of NSW.

The Organ at St Bartholomew's

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